“Don’t Cry For Us, Europeans”

It won’t be easy, you’ll think it strange,
When we try to explain how we feel,
That we stll need your love afer all that we’ve done.

You won’t believe us,
All you will see is some friends you once knew,thL9X9IR7S
Although they have voted to leave,
We can’t disagree with all you!

They had to let it happen, they wanted to change
Couldn’t stay any longer within the EU,
Looking over the Channel , seeing you having fun,

So we chose “freedom”
Circling the globe, looking for friends anew,
But T***p doesn’t impress at all,
We never expected him to.

Don’t shy away, Europeans thL9X9IR7S
The truth is, we’ll never leave you,
All through these dark days,
This mad existence,
We’ll stay, we promise,
Don’t keep your distance.

And as for China and the USA,
We don’t want to invite them in,
Though it seems to the world that’s what Teresa desires

She has delusions,
They are not the solutons they pretend they will be,
The answer was “EU” all the time,
From you we don’t want to be free!


Have we said too much?
There’s nothing else we can think of to say to you.
But all you have to do, is look at us to know,
That every word is true……